domingo, diciembre 8

From Secrecy to Hope

The Venezuelan forced migration

The trochas through our camera:

Short film filmed on the border between Colombia and Venezuela, where illegal crossings are evidenced, where Venezuelans emigrate en masse, due to the Humanitarian Emergency.

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"... the only possible solution, crossing the border through the trochas (trails) and thus continue their journey illegally throughout the entire South American continent ..."

Why are Venezuelans Fleeing?

Having a passport in Venezuela is a luxury amid the crisis

The Surprise Effect is lost in Ureña

In search of a trochero

An illegal crossing that is correctly organized

Who are the trocheros?

Crossing through the trochas: a high-risk need


General Directorate of Todos Ahora Indhira Vera

Executive Directorate of Todos Ahora Daniel Hernández

Investigation Gabriele Colasante Equipo de Investigación de Todos Ahora

Drafting Gabriele Colasante Equipo de Redacción de Todos Ahora

Art director David Flores

Audiovisual editing and editing direction Joshua Arguello Christian Roballo

Sound editing Héctor Meneses

We thank for their collaboration in the research